k.katsu studio / Katsuhiro Kojima






2018年、k.katsu studio『海外で活躍する日本人を撮影』プロジェクトを立ち上げ撮影、編集作業に日々没頭している。

From Aichi prefecture, Japan. Toronto-based photographer.

Became interested in music from his friend’s influence at the age of 10 and later started his career as a nightclub DJ.In his early 20s, his heart was moved when he visited New York, making him aspired to live overseas.Throughout his music career, he feels the importance of learning English, so he decided to move somewhere abroad – which he has always been admired to do – and moved to Canada in 2010.

With the strong feeling of photographing fascinating people and landscapes overseas, he taught himself the skills required to become a photographer and begins his career as a photographer.In 2018, he began the k.katsu studio “photographing active Japanese living overseas” project, and since then, he has been devoted to taking and editing photos. 

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